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Scientific Papers:
  Samuel Oluyinka OLANIRAN, Babatola OLUFEMI, Amos Olajide OLUYEGE
Absorbtion and Effect of Used Engine Oil as Wood Preservative

Ioan-Bogban BEDELEAN, Daniela SOVA
Method of Reducing the Electric Energy Consuption During Timber Drying


Ivan CISMARU, Maria CISMARU, Camelia COSEREANU, Luminita-Maria BRENCI
Processing the Components with Rotation Surfaces Having Variable Non-Circular Section on Their Length


Upon the Workability by Sawing of Frozen and Unfrozen Oak Wood


Mihaela POROJAN, Simona-Nicoleta URDEA
Experimental Study Concerning the Contents of Water Soluble Extractives and Ash at Black Locust Wood Harvested from Two Geographic Regions from Romania

  Camelia CERBU, Calin ITU, Ioan CURTU
The Problem of Using Composite Materials Reinforced with Glass Fibres to Manufacture Some Components of Garden Chairs


Density and Compression Strength of Beech and Sprouce Briquettes
  Maria Bernadett SZMUTKU, Mihaela CAMPEAN, Wilhelm LAURENZI
Program for Calculation of Thawing Duration of Logs and Process Simulation
 Recent Publications
Design Dialog: A Winner (available only in Romanian language)
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  Award Winners and Perspectives
Hardwood Science and Technology, Sopron, May 2010
Restoration Exhibition 2010
Glossary of Speciality-Specific Terms (available only in Romanian language)


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