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PRO LIGNO is the only Romanian journal in the field of wood engineering. It acts as a dissemination vector of the results of latest research in the field, among specialists involved in industry, research and education both from Romania and abroad.

The main purpose of this publication is the transfer of information between the research and production segments in the forestry and wood processing departments. All scientific papers are full-text written in English. They are peer-reviewed by experienced specialists both from Romania and from abroad.

The journal is edited by "PRO LIGNO" Foundation , whose founding members are:

Launched on September 2005, with the occasion of the BIFE fair - Bucharest 2005, the journal is issued with strict trimestrial regularity, at the end of March, June, September and December each year.

The journal includes:

  • Scientific papers with prevalent applicative character
  • Reports from events
  • Recent publications
  • Abstracts of PhD theses
  • Flash news

Starting with March 2011, the journal contents is published online, with open access to full-text papers. We wish you pleasant and interesting reading moments with PRO LIGNO!


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