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Dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Faculty of Wood Engineering in Brasov





PRO LIGNO is a high quality peer-reviewed journal devoted to the publication of original research papers in the field of wood engineering. It is the only scientific journal in this field in Romania..

The main purpose of this publication is the transfer of information between the research and production segments in the forestry and wood processing departments.

PRO LIGNO is an open access journal. All content is freely available without charge to any user or his/her institution. Users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of the articles in this journal without asking prior permission from the publisher or the author as long as they properly cite the original source of information.

PRO LIGNO is an open gate for international dissemination of peer-reviewed, original scientific papers of both experimental and theoretical nature on the following topics:

  • Wood Structure and Properties
  • Drying and Other Heat Treatments Applied in Wood Industry
  • Mechanical Processing of Wood and Wood-Based Materials Methods, Tools, Devices, Machines
  • Wood Rheology
  • Wood Bending and Moulding
  • Wood Preservation
  • Wood Chemistry and Chemical Wood Modification
  • Wood Gluing Adhesives, Gluing Techniques, Novel Technologies
  • Wood Coating Coating Materials; Application Technologies; Surface Quality
  • Veneers, Plywood, Chipboards and Fibreboards
  • New Wood-Based Composites Properties, Manufacturing Technology, Applications
  • Design and Eco-Design of Furniture and Wooden Products
  • Conservation-Restoration of Furniture and Wooden Objects
  • Wood Constructions Innovative Structures, Calculation Methods
  • Automatisation Systems in Wood Engineering
  • Modeling, Simulation and Optimisation of Industrial Wood Processing Technologies
  • Wood Engineering Specific Software
  • Environmental Issues in Wood Engineering
  • Renewable Energy from Wooden Biomass
  • Life Cycle Assessment of Wood Products
  • Industrial Management Issues in Wood Processing Enterprises
  • Marketing Strategies for Furniture and Other Wood Products

PRO LIGNO publishes:

  • Original papers describing important new discoveries or further developments in the above-mentioned topics
  • Review articles
  • Technical notes
  • Reports from recent scientific events in the field
  • Abstracts of latest defended PhD-theses
  • Short descriptions of recent publications in the field.

All manuscripts as well as all correspondence should be addressed to:
Prof.dr.eng. Mihaela CAMPEAN, Editor-in-Chief


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