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Scientific Papers:
  Maria-Bernadett SZMUTKU, Robert NEMETH, Mihaela CAMPEAN
Effect of Different Freezing Conditions Upon the Diffusion Coefficient of Spruce Wood
  [Abstract] [References] [Full text.pdf] pp. 3-12

Adriana FOTIN, Camelia COSEREANU, Maria-Luminita BRENCI
Assessment of the Final Quality of the Sanded Surfaces in Case of Birch Wood

  [Abstract] [References] [Full text.pdf] pp.13-25

Research Concerning the Influence of Matrix in Hemp Hurds Composites on Thermal Conductivity

  [Abstract] [References] [Full text.pdf] pp. 26-33

Maria-Luminita BRENCI, Camelia COSEREANU, Adriana FOTIN, Alexandru VASILACHE
Research on the Thermal Conductivity of Composites Made of Ecological Fibers

  [Abstract] [References] [Full text.pdf] pp. 34-41

Ghiorghita-Nicolaie COMSA
Traditional Wooden Gates in the Szekler Land

  [Abstract] [References] [Full text.pdf] pp. 42-50



Emanuela BELDEAN, Octavia ZELENIUC
Uncertainty of Measurement - An Important Instrument to Evaluate the Quality of Results in Formaldehyde Tests

  [Abstract] [References] [Full text.pdf] pp. 51-59


  International Convention of the Forest Products Society pp. 60-61
Flash News (available only in Romanian language) pp. 62

Glossary of Speciality-Specific Terms (available only in Romanian language)

pp. 63


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