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Scientific Papers:
Cross Laminated Timber Properties and Use for Building Purposes: A Review From the Experience of Swiss Researchers
  [Abstract] [References] [Full text.pdf] pp. 3-21

Samuele GIOVANDO, Antonio PIZZI, Harald PASCH, Naomi PRETORIUS
Structure and Oligomers Distribution of Commercial Tara (Caesalpina spinosa) Hydrolysable Tannin

  [Abstract] [References] [Full text.pdf] pp.22-31

Jacob Mayowa OWOYEMI, Dauda Ishola ALIYU, Samuel Oluyinka OLANIRAN
Effect of Density on the Natural Resistance of Ten Selected Nigerian Wood Species to Subterranean Termites

  [Abstract] [References] [Full text.pdf] pp. 32-40

Ismail AYDIN, Cenk DEMIRKIR, Semra COLAK, Emilia Adela SALCA
The Effect of Veneers Roughness on Bonding and Some Mechanical Properties of Plywood

  [Abstract] [References] [Full text.pdf] pp. 41-49

Maria - Bernadett SZMUTKU, Viorel POPA, Mihaela CAMPEAN
Experimental Study Regarding the Freezing and Thawing Dynamics of Spruce Wood

  [Abstract] [References] [Full text.pdf] pp. 50-60

Maria - Adriana GHERGHISAN, Ivan CISMARU
Preliminary Research Concerning Optimal Percentage of Hemp Hurds for Lining Panels and Filler Materials in Buildings

  [Abstract]  [References]  [Full text.pdf]  pp. 61-70
Recent Publications pp. 71-72
Flash News (available only in Romanian language) pp.73

Glossary of Speciality-Specific Terms (available only in Romanian language)

pp. 74-77


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