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Scientific Papers:
  Jacob Mayowa OWOYEMI, Joshua KAYODE, Samuel Oluyinka OLANIRAN
Evaluation of the Resistance of Gmelina arborea Wood Treated With Creosote Oil and Liquid Cashew Nut Shell to Subterranean Termites' Attack
  [Abstract] [References] [Full text.pdf] pp. 3-12

LIU Xin-you, ZHANG Bi-guang, YI Song-lin
Theoretical Prediction and Experimental Determination of Heating Time During High-Temperature Heat Treatment of Wood

  [Abstract] [References] [Full text.pdf] pp.13-20

Luminita-Maria BRENCI, Ivan CISMARU, Camelia COSEREANU
Experimental Research upon the Quality of the Sanded Surfaces of Some Decorative Composite Panels

  [Abstract] [References] [Full text.pdf] pp. 21-29

Mihaela POROJAN, Emilia-Adela SALCA
Research Concerning the Shearing Strength of Black Locust Wood

  [Abstract] [References] [Full text.pdf] pp. 30-38

Gianina Ileana STAN, Camelia CERBU, Florin DOGARU, Ioan CURTU
Impact Testing of the Panels Made of Composite Materials Reinforced with Woven Glass Fabric and Wood Flour

  [Abstract] [References] [Full text.pdf] pp. 39-45
Effect of Heat Treatment upon Dimensional Stability and Static Bending Strength of Sessile Oak Wood
   [Abstract]  [References]  [Full text.pdf]  pp. 46-55
In the World:
  Marius Catalin BARBU
Thailand - The SiamīS Revival Through Forest Plantations
pp. 56-65
  International Wood Academy Under Flooding Code In Thailand pp. 66-68
Flash News (available only in Romanian language) pp. 69
Glossary of Speciality-Specific Terms (available only in Romanian language) pp. 70


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