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Scientific Papers:
  Jan SVOREN, L'ubomir JAVOREK, Lukas MURIN
Effect of the Shape of Compensating Slots in the Body of A Circular Saw Blade on Noise Level in the Cutting Process

Maria Cristina TIMAR, Adriana TUDUCE TRAISTARU, Mihaela POROJAN, Lidia GURAU
An Investigation of Consolidants Penetration in Wood. Part 1: General Methodology and Microscopy


Geometry Design of Wooden Barrels


Lidia GURAU, Maria Cristina TIMAR, Mihaela POROJAN, Marina CIONCA, Laurentiu Adrian BUDUR
Some Comparative Properties of Reconstituted Poplar Veneer Replicating Wenge With Classic Veneer of the Same Species


Experimental Data Processing. Part 1

  Emanuela BELDEAN, Maria Cristina TIMAR
Laboratory Test Concerning the Durability of Wood in Contact With Soil


  Marius Catalin BARBU
Discovering the World As A Specialist in Wood Engineering. Part 1: South Korea
An Enterprise Presents Itself: EET
  The 23-rd IUFRO World Congress, Seoul
  The VII-th Student meeting Brasov (Romania) - Sopron (Hungry) (available only in Romanian language)
Recent Publications
Flash News (available only in Romanian language)
Glossary of Speciality-Specific Terms (available only in Romanian language)


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