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Scientific Papers:
  Abdelhakim DAOUI, Abedellatif ZERIZER, Remy MARCHAL
Determination of Elasticity Modulus of Aleppo Pine (Pinus halepensis Mill.) with the Ultrasound Method

Maria Cristina TIMAR, Ramona Elena DUMITRASCU, Alina ALDESCU
Furniture Restoration - Science, Art, Challenge. Part 3: Restoration of a Side Table


Anti-Sapstain Treatment of Timber for Sustainable Development


Theoretical Research Concerning the Influence of Vibrations upon the Milling Accuracy


Mariana STANCIU, Nicolae CRETU, Calin ROSCA, Ioan CURTU
Experimental Research Regarding the Underdamped Free Vibrations of Lignocellulose Plates the Guitar's Body


Constantin MITUCA, Marius LUPASCU, Iulian BRATU, Alexandru MITISOR
Study Concerning the Influence of Drying Temperature upon the Colour of Beech Veneers

An Enterprise Presents Itself:


Event (available only in Romanian language):

2009 - Jubiliary Year - The Faculty of Wood Industry in Brasov Celebrates 50 Years of Existence
ECOWOOD, 3rd edition - Porto 2008
International Panel Products Symposium - IPPS, 12th edition, Helsinki 2008
Final Conference COST E37, Bordeaux 2008

Design Dialog (available only in Romanian language):
  The Little Sheep Margareta or The Concept of Eco-Design Applied for the Capitalization of Secundary Wooden Resources
Recent Publications
PhD Theses:


Eng. Emilia Adela SALCA
Contributions to the optimization of alder wood processing by milling and sanding in order to achieve its capitalization in furniture manufacturing
Flash News (available only in Romanian language)
Glossary of speciality-specific terms (available only in Romanian language)


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