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Scientific Papers:
  Ottaviano ALEGRETTI, Rodolfo CIVIDINI, Livio TRAVAN
Drying Process for White Beech

Maria Cristina TIMAR, Rodica DATES
Furniture Restoration - Science, Art, Challenge. Part 2: Restoration of a Dolls' Wardrobe


Anca-Maria VARODI, Valeriu PETROVICI
Study Upon the Gluing Shearing Strength of Some Adhesive Compositions Based on a Mixed Ureic and Furanic Resin


Mariana STANCIU, Ioan CURTU, Calin ITU, Raimond GRIMBERG
Dynamical Analysis with Finite Element Method of the Acoustic Plates as Constituents of the Guitar


Daniela SOVA, Mihaela CAMPEAN
Determination of the Diffusion Coefficient During the Sorption Process of Moisture in Wood


Camelia BOIERIU, Ivan CISMARU, Luminita BRENCI
Testing the Processing Accuracy in Wood Industry. Part 2: Testing Possibilities - CADesQ

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  Etnovember 2007
Symposion "Testing the Manufacturing Accurancy"
Symposion "Research and Testing Laboratory Wooden Products Aligned to European Norms"
Calendar of Events July-December 2008
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  About Shape
Innovative Concepts:

Furniture Products with Elements Made of Wood Branches

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