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Scientific Papers:
  Dominique Rene CALVI
Wooden Bridges. Part 1: Historical Background (3)
  Mihaela Campean, Yves Fortin, Ion MARINESCU
Fast Drying Methods
  Michael AKPAN
Resistance of Neem (Azadirachta indica A. Juss) Wood to Cleavange: Quantitative Experimental Analysis
  Valeriu PETROVICI, Anca-Maria VARODI, Emilia-Adela SALCa
Study upon the Shearing Strength of Gluings Made with Mixed Furan Resin with Furfurylic Alcohol of URELIT FC-2 Type
  Wilhelm Laurenzi
Extracting Information from Component Tables Realized in AutoCAD
  Costel AGACHE, Simona Nicoleta URDEA
Study on the Spruce Bark Extractionwith Various Solvents
An Enterprise Presents Itself:


Event (available only in Romanian language):
  • Invitation to join COST E37 Workshop and ICWSE 2007
  • Calendar of Events July-December 2007
  • Student’s Page: Etnovember 2006
Design Dialog (available only in Romanian language):
  Atitudes of Styles (last part)
PhD Theses:

Michael BOROS
Contributions ro Rationalization and Optimization of Mechanical Wood Processing on Wide Belt Sanders

Recent Publications
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