Scientific Papers:

Wooden Bridges. Part 1: Historical Background (2)
Dominique Rene CALV


The Study of Chosen Parameters during Sanding of Spruce and Beech Wood
L’ubomir JAVOREK, Jozef HRIC, Vladimir VACEK


Experimental Researches on the Workability of Some Wood-Based Composites by Routing with Diamonded Tools
Mihai ISPAS, Marco ULIANA, Gavril Budau, Mihaela CAMPEAN


Panels Made of Crosscut Branches
Marina CIONCA, Loredana Anne-Marie BADESCU, Octavia ZELENIUC, Lidia GURAU, Alin OLARESCU


Compatibility between Beech Wood and other Home-Grown Hardwood Species within the Construction of Finger-Jointed Wooden Panels
Camelia BOIERIU, Dumitru LICA


Contributions to Establishing the Working Capacity of Band Saws Used for Beech Logs Conversion. Part 3: Relation Used for the Capacity Calculus
Nicolae I. ENE, Emilia-Adela SALCA

An Enterprise Presents Itself:

S.C. Tehnologie mobila stil S.A.

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  • XV-th Edition of BIFE TIMB 2006 as Seen through a Machine Specialists’s Eye
  • International Scientific Conference Celebrating the 10-th Anniversary of FEVT-Zvolen
  • Calendar of Events January-June 2007
  • The President Traian Basescu at the Wood Industry Faculty in Brasov
  • GTZ-Workshop: Micro-Nanotechnologies and Wood Industry
  • Designer’s Saturday
  • COST E37 Workshop and ICWSE 2007. First Announcement

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  Atitudes or Styles (part 2)

PhD Theses:


Thermoinsulating Panels Made of Wood and Wood-Based Materials used in Housings
Maria Luminita Scutaru


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