Scientific Papers:

Wooden Bridges. Part 1: Historical Background (1)
Dominique Rene CALVI


Research Concerning the Compression Strength of Neem (Azadirachta indica A. Juss)
Michael AKPAN, Babatola OLUFEMI, Vandu Vandu APAGU, Fati Ahmed MAUNDE


Unconventional Technology Concerning Planity and Structure Stability of Solid Wood Panels Made of Oak
Virgiliu ISTRATE, Virgil Sorin ISTRATE, Ionela BUTUC SANDU


Assessment of Air State Parameters According to Wood Moisture Content During Drying
Daniela sova


Contributions to Establishing the Working Capacity of Band Saws Used for Beech Logs Conversion. Part 2: Factors Which Determine the Conversion Capacity
Nicolae I. ENE, Emilia-Adela SALCA


Study Concerning the Finishing Quality of Solid Wood Panels Made of Resinous Wood and Coated with the US-V Type Film-Forming Product
Simona Alina VASILE, Elena Mirela VASILE

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  • COST – Co-Operation in the Field of Scientific and Technical Research. COST E37 Action
  • ECOWOOD 2006
  • 10-th Anniversary of FEVT - Zvolen
  • Restoration Exhibition at the Faculty of Wood Industry in Brasov

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PhD Theses:


Contributions to the Study of Decorative Solid Wood Panels, Made of Hardwood, Used for Interior Decorations and Furniture  


Development of Friction Welding of Wood-Physical, Mechanical and Chemical Studies
Bernhard STAMM


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