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PRO LIGNO Foundation - A Chance for Up-Dating Wood Science in Romania
Gavril Budau

Scientific Papers:

Behaviour of the Wood Rod at Impact on the Rigid Anvil
Libor SEVERA, Jaroslav BUCHAR


Research concerning the Formaldehyde Emission of Particleboards through the Flask Method under Standard Conditions and Some Modified Variants of the Board Pack Configuration. Part 1: Metodology
Valeriu PETROVICI, Kinga-Judith DAVID, Simona-Nicoleta URDEA, Oana-Andreea PIRNUTA


Furniture and Specific Ornaments from Odorheiu Secuiesc Region
Maria CISMARU, Tibor DAKO, Emilia-Adela SALCA


Forest Economy at the Beginning of a New Millennium. Part 3: Furniture and Wooden Constructions
Marius C. BARBU


Computer-Aided Editing in AUTOCAD of Indicator and Component Table


Wilhelm Laurenzi


Research concerning the Influence of Cutter Wear upon the Quality of Profiled Wooden Surfaces


Luminita-Maria BRENCI

An Enterprise Presents Itself:


Event (available only in Romanian language):
  • ECWM 2005 – European Conference on Wood Modification, 2nd Edition
  • Anniversary Conference: Forestry University of Sofia
  • Centenary of ASTRA Museum in Sibiu
  • Etnovember 2005
  • Foresta-eurosilva international
  • Calendar July-December 2006: Fairs, Conferences and Exhibitions in the Field of Wood Engineering

Recent Publications

PhD Theses:

Study of Physical, Mechanical and Technological Characteristics of Thin Plywood (13mm) made from Indigenous Wood Species
Ing. Rodica SAVA


Contributions regarding the Optimization of Beech Conversion by using Operation Lines Equipped with a Single High-Capacity Band Saw
Ing. Nicolae ENE

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